Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Where's My Teacher?

On Monday this week I was down in Perth at a training course.  I didn't tell the children that I was going to be away.  Mrs N had the children come up with a crazy idea of where I might be or what I might be doing.  Some of these sound way more fun that what I was really doing, but some of them don't!  I will let you guess which ones I might like to do and which ones I wouldn't.


  1. WOW Miss Redden!! sounds like the Year Ones came up with some great ideas of what you might be doing on Monday. Perhaps you could do some of these things on the school holidays!! Not the being chased by the Cheetas though -That could be a little dangerous! :) Mrs L

  2. What a perfect day for your school sports carnival!! Doesn't matter if you are fast or slow or somewhere in the middle. It was great to see you all having a go and doing your best!! Well done everyone!! Looked like great fun. Mrs L