Thursday, 26 July 2012

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome to term 3!  We all had a fantastic holiday.  If you check out our publishing blog you might see some of our holiday recounts.

This week has been all about our 100th day of school!  This morning we wrote a recount of our 100th day together.  You can read our recount after you check out all the fun photos from our 100th day of school.

Our 100th Day Of School
On Thursday 26th July the year one class celebrated 100 days at school.
We started off our 100th day by blowing up 100 balloons and making paper chains that were 10 links long.  When we counted our paper chain by tens we found out it was 410 links long.
After our classroom was decorated we decorated ourselves with hats and glasses.  We looked cool!
We made numbers to go on the wall outside our classroom.  We counted by ones using our heads.  We counted by twos using our hands.  We counted by fives using our fingers.  We counted by tens using our toes.
We had a party!  We ate the savoury food first and then we ate the sweet food.  Some of the mums brought in some lovely warm food for us to eat.  We had heaps of yummy food to eat. We had so much food that we invited some of our friends to come and help us eat it.
In the afternoon we did four different activities.  We stamped 100 stamps on a piece of paper.  We made maracas by putting 100 things inside.  We made a 100 grid by filling in the missing numbers.  We used 100 things to build something. 
We had an awesome day!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Term 2 Week 11

Have a wonderful holiday!

We will see you in two weeks!