Thursday, 13 September 2012

Term 3 Week 8

This week we have learnt that there are different types of words.  We have been learning about nouns.  A noun is a naming word.  We made a poster of people, places and things.  We also named lots of things in our classroom and around the school.

This week Miss R gave us a new book to help us spell tricky words.  It is called My Useful Word Book.  It is a bit like a dictionary but it has room for us to write our own words.  We can find words because they are in alphabetical order like a dictionary.    There are also some words at the back that have been put into groups like, body parts, colours, sports, family and days of the week.

We have been learning to make and read o'clock times. We used some iPads to play some clock games and we used our own clocks to make different o'clock times.When the big, long hand is at the 12 it is o'clock and the small hand tells us what hour it is.

We are making a dinosaur. We are going to make it 3D so we have to draw and paint 2 sides of our dinosaur.  Our dinosaurs are going to be so big it is going to take us awhile to finish them all.

On Wednesday we had the junior primary sports fun day.  Below are some of our recounts of the day.

Our Sports Carnival By McKale

On Wednesday it was the sport carnival.  It was at the oval. We played a running race.  We played a flag race.  We played a running ball race.  Then it was lunch time and we went home.  It was fun.

We Had Our Sports Carnival By Mackenzie

Yesterday we had our sports carnival on the oval.  We did a flag race and a ball race. It was fun.

Our Carnival By Jason

Yesterday we had our carnival at school.  I came fourth in the race.  My favourite race was when I rolled the balls.  It was very fun.

Our Carnival By Meaghan

Yesterday we had a carnival at school.  I came second in a running race.  I am in blue.  My favourite race was the flag race.  It was fun!!

Today is Fruit and Vege day.  Mrs M and all her helpers were dressed up at the canteen.  There was lots of yummy fruit and veg to eat.  There was a Mr and Mrs Potato Head there.   


  1. Dear Year1 I hope you had fun at the sports carnival.Love from Sasha.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello hope your having fun. From lachlan whent