Thursday, 20 September 2012

Term 3 Week 9

We worked together to put our sight words into alphabetical order.  That means we were putting them in order from a to z.

We did a word sort.  Miss R gave us a page of words.  We had to work out what  was the same about the words and sort them into groups.  Then we highlighted the sound that is the same in each group. 

This week we have been learning about halves and wholes.  A whole is one thing and a half is when you cut a whole into two equal parts. 

We read a book about fractions.  We covered a whole biscuit with butter and then we put sprinkles on half the bisuit.  If you didn't make the halves equal then you didn't get the sprinkles, luckily everyone did it right!

We love blogging every week so this week Miss R decided that we should all have our own blog.  We all got to type our first post.  You can see our blogs at this address, 

Some of us have already been busy blogginat home and posting comments on other peoples blogs.  What a great way to see what we are all doing.


  1. I tink you liked your bistis from essie

  2. What a great idea. A kids blg. Mr johnson