Thursday, 28 June 2012

Term 2 Week 10

Better late than never!  This is some of us at Moreby Cottage.  Mrs L took us there two weeks ago so we could see how people lived in the olden days.

We made our own mini Earths.  We drew things on the land, in the sky and in the sea.  Our Earth is a 3D shape, it is a sphere.  Now we have a whole lot of Earths hanging around our classroom.

We made suns.  We learnt that the sun gives us light and heat.  If we stand in the shade and then stand in the sun we can feel the heat from the sun, even though it is a really long way away.

We were trying to guess our partners number.  We used a number grid to help us see if the number was higher or lower.

We played with shadows this week.  We learnt that a shadow happens when something blocks the sun.  If you stand in a shadow it will be cooler than being in the sun. 
We played around with our shadows.  We played shadow tag.  We made short shadows and we made long shadows. Check out the long shadow Mackenzie and Elisajane made.
We made shadow art.  We blocked the sun with our bodies and then we traced our heads onto a piece of paper.  When we got back to class we coloured our shadowy heads in with lots of colours and different lines. To see some of our awesome shadow art, head over to our publishing blog.

This week we had our 90th day of school.  That means there is only ten days to go until we have our 100th day of school celebrations!  We can't wait!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Term 2 Week 9

This week we were lucky enough to get some iPads in the classroom.  We used them to draw and explain the water cycle.  Thank you very much to Mrs P, Mrs S, Miss H and Miss D who lent us their iPads.

Check out some of our great Educreations shows.
We are going to be learning about weather so we made lots of weather symbols to hang in our classroom.  We have suns, clouds, rain, snow, lightning and rainbows.

We played a game with long and short vowels.  We had to read the word and then decide if we had a  short vowel word or a long vowel word.  It was lots of fun.

The Constitution Centre came back to visit us again.  This time we learnt about prejudice.  Prejudice is when you decide that you don't like someone just because they are different to you.

We have been learning about 3D shapes.  We made some out of playdough. Don't they look awesome?

We played bingo with our purple sight words.  We had to write six words on the whiteboard and when we crossed them all out we called out bingo!

Today is a bit of a sad day.  Brody is leaving our class to go to a new school.  We are sad he is leaving but hope that he has an amazing time at his new school and makes lots of new friends.  Make sure you come and visit our blog Brody!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Term 2 Week 8

We learnt a new reading strategy.  It is called check for understanding.  When we get to the end of a page we stop and think about what we just read.  If we don't know what we read, have we really read it?

We had a visit from Rick the Rock Eagle and some of his friends.  They taught about being healthy and playing sport.  Rick was a bit silly sometimes and he even shook his bottom when he wasn't supposed to.

Water! Water! Water!

This week we explored water.  We smelt it, felt it, looked at it, listened to it and tasted it.  Here is what we discovered.

Water can turn into a couple of things, liquid, solid and gas.  Meaghan
It tastes like nothing.  Deagan
It sounds like nothing.  Ashton
It looked like nothing.  McKale
When it is solid it can be very slippery.  Olivia H
It feels cold.  Essie
It smells like nothing.  Jessica

After we finished exploring water we changed it!  We turned it into a gas by heating it up in the kettle.  We turned it into a solid by putting it in a cold freezer.  We turned the solid back into a liquid by putting it in the sun and then we turned the liquid into a gas by leaving it in the sun for awhile.  Then we turned the gas back into a liquid.

We made rain!  We learnt about the water cycle.  The sun turns the water into a gas.  When the gas gets up high it gets cold and turns into tiny drops of water that make a cloud.  When the cloud gets heavier the water falls out as rain.  Then the whole thing starts all over again and again and again and again............

We skyped Kate.  She is up in Broome on holidays.  It was great to chat to her and see the beautiful beach and very red sand.   Kate has seen lots of animals on her holiday.  She said she has seen crocodiles and dingos. 

We had a drumbeat incursion.  They taught us about lots of different drums.  They even let some of us have a turn playing them.

Yet another busy week!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Term 2 Week 7

What short but busy week!

On Wednesday we had a visit from the Constitution Centre.  Kylie came to teach us about rules.  We read a story and used puppets to help Kylie tell the story and we all got to vote on who we thought should be the leader of the street.  It was great fun.

We learnt a new game called Guess my Number.  We had to write a number down and then our partner had to try and guess it.  We told them if our number was higher or lower than their guess.

On Thursday it was Founders Day.  We celebrated the people who found our school.

First we had a special mass at Church.  We sang lots of beautiful songs.

After mass we had recess. To celebrate Founders Day we all got a piece of cake and a juice box. We had recess at the high school.

After recess we had an assembly. We got to do our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom assembly again, in front of the WHOLE school!  We also got to watch the high school students put on a play about the founders of our school.  They pretended to be puppets. 

It was an awesome day!

St Marcellin Champagnat

St Emilie Devialar

Monsignor Lenihan

Sister Leonard