Thursday, 25 October 2012

Term 4 Week 2

On Sunday we had a pet mass.  We brought our pets along so Father Dom could bless them.  This is a photo of Miffy being blessed.  The pets were all very well behaved.

We can now test ourselves on our sight words.  If we get them all right we can get tested by Miss D and move up the rainbow.
We painted some aboriginal flags.    The black symbolises the people.  The yellow symbolises the sun.  The red symbolises the land.

We have been talking about the dreamtime.  The dreamtime is when the aboriginals believe that the Earth was created.  The aboriginals believe that the rainbow serpent slithered all over the land and made all the hills and rivers and landforms.

We had a number line and we had to stand behind it so we couldn't see the numbers.  Then we had to use what we know about numbers to put the peg on the right spot. 

We learnt that the aboriginal people didn't have shops to buy food.  They had to hunt and gather.  The girls did the gathering and the boys did the hunting.  So we pretended that we were aboriginals.  The boys went hunting and the girls went gathering.

We couldn't go hunting and gathering for real food so we went hunting and gathering pictures of food that aboriginal people might have eaten.  There was lots of interesting things they ate.

When we got back to class Miss R let us try some real aboriginal food.  Some of us were brave enough to try the witchetty grubs!  Some were brave enough to try the kangaroo and some were even brave enough to try the snake!

Just kidding!  Only one of the foods was real, the other two were pretend.  The witchetty grubs were really baby food.  The kangaroo was real and the snakes were lolly snakes!  Miss R was very impressed with how brave we were to try them when we thought they were real!

Today was Grandparents Day.  Our grandparents came to visit our classroom.  We showed them around the room and showed them all the fantastic work we have been doing.  It was lovely having them come and visit. 
Thank you grandparents!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Term 4 Week 1

Welcome to term 4! It is our last term as year 1's.  Next year we will be year 2's!  Miss R says we are going to be very busy this term as we get ready to be year 2's.

We all shared what we did on the holidays. We have been busily writing a recount of our holidays.  We are nearly finished so you can read some of them on our publishing page soon.

This term we have started doing some maths word problems.  In real life people don't come up to you and say "What's 5+5?" but they might come up and say " I have 5 biscuits and you have 5 biscuits, how many do we have all together?".  So we need to be good at working out word problems.

We found lots of ways we can work out word problems.
We can draw it.

We can use our fingers.


We can use counters.

When we finish solving the problem we share some of the ways we worked it out.

This term we are learning about Australia.  We talked about what we already know about Australia.  Then we drew as many Australian animals, places, plants and foods as we could inside a map of Australia.  Then we painted the ocean blue and the land green or orange.

The first people to live in Australia were the Aboriginals.  So we are going to start learning about them.

This term Miss R is going to teach us a game called kickball.  To play kickball we need to be able to kick a ball.  So today in sport we practiced kicking a ball into some goals.

We have got 5 iPads in our classroom for the next two weeks.  We get to be the first class in the school to test them out and find ways we can use them to help us learn. We are very excited to use them in our classroom!

This Sunday we will be having a pet mass on the oval at 4pm.  Father Dom is going to bless our pets.  Hopefully the pets all sit as nicely in Church as we do.