Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Term 3 Week 6

What a busy week!

On Monday we went on an excursion to Scitech. We went to Kings Park to have our recess.  We got to climb on a muttaburasaurus.  We hopped back on the bus and went to Scitech.  We saw a puppet show about dinosaurs.  There was a talking rock and a talking tree.  After the puppet show we got to have some free time around Scitech.    Then we had our lunch inside Scitech.  Next came the most exciting part of the day!  We saw the dinosaurs! They looked very real. Some of them were carnivores and some of them were herbivores.  We got to dig for dinosaur bones.  We were so clever and knew so much about dinosaurs that Frank had to give us a year 4 work sheet to do!  There was also a baby dinosaur that some of us got to cuddle.  We had an awesome day and had great fun learning about dinosaurs.

On Saturday  all the year 1's had their class mass at the Church.  The singing and actions were beautiful.  The readers read amazingly.  The greeters greeted with the biggest smiles ever.  The collectors collected wonderfully.  The offertory people processed perfectly.  The helloers said hello in style.  Everyone thought we ran a fantastic mass!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Term 3 Week 5

This week we learnt about what dinosaurs like to eat.  We discovered that there were meat eating dinosaurs called carnivores and plant eating dinosaurs called herbivores.

We looked at lots of pictures of dinosaurs and discovered that most carnivores had sharp teeth, sharp claws and ran on two legs.  The herbivores had bumpy teeth, big tummies and they walked on four legs.

Then we had to draw a picture of a herbivore or a carnivore.  Miss R had to be able to tell what it ate by looking at our picture.

All our herbivore dinosaurs.

Our carnivore dinosaurs.

We are learning our set 2 blue sight words.  We are working out how many letters, sounds and syllables are in each word.

We had a visit from an author called Sam. She had written a story on the back of cards. It took her seven months to write her story. She helped us to make up our own fairytale. 

We measured dinosaur footprints.

We decided to go out to the basketball court and measure how big a real dinosaur would have been.  They were huge!

We used a metre ruler to measure how tall a T-Rex was.
This is how long a T-rex is!  It is longer than all of us standing next to each other.
The brachiosaurus was 26 metres long.  It was nearly as big as the whole basketball court!

We learnt about the difference between numbers.  We hopped along a number line to find out the difference between two numbers.

We are all super excited at the moment because we are going to see the dinosaurs at Scitech!

We have also got our class Mass on this weekend.  We hope everyone can come and join us and join in singing our beautiful hymns.

Friday, 17 August 2012


Hi Year Ones

I hope you all read this over the weekend because I have some exciting news.

On Monday we will have a new student in our class!  Her name is Jessica, so now we will have two Jessica's in our class!

I am sure you will all be very welcoming on Monday but she will probably be a bit nervous meeting you all for the first time so make sure you don't all crowd around her at once.

I am really looking forward to having a new student in our class.  I will have to make sure I find someone for her to sit before Monday!

From Miss R

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Term 3 Week 4

This week we have been learning how to measure with things in the classroom.

We learnt four things we must do if we want to measure properly.
Make sure you start from the same spot.
Make sure you measure in a nice straight line.
Make sure there is no gaps.
Make sure you use the same size object.

We have been learning about fossils.
They are rock. Ashton
The mud goes over them and it turns to rock.  Chloe
The sand goes over and over the skeleton.  Sasha
Sometimes they are jumbled up when they find them.  Bryce
Sometimes the fossils are in the right order.  Mackenzie
If you are digging for one you must be very careful because they are fragile.  Matthew
Sand goes over and over and over it and squashes it down.  Warwick
Some dinosaurs were still alive when some diosaurs died. Hamish

A paleontologist is a person who finds and learns about fossils.

This week we made our own fossils.  We made one by burying a shell in some rock.  We made one by leaving a print in some playdough.  Then we poured some plaster in to make the shape of our print.  We were also working like paleontologists to put together some bones to make a dinosaur.

We read a book called Dinosaur Chase.  It was about some dinosaur bullies.  Some of them could run, some could swim, some could jump, some could hide, some could climb but only Fin could fly!

We also read a book called The Little Dinosaur.  It was a story about a dinosaur who died and millions of years later a paleontologist found her bones and made her look real again.

We also read a book called Dinosaur Roar.  It was a book of dinosaur opposites.

On Wednesday we went to Church to celebrate Mary's Assumption.  We sang lots of beautiful songs about Mary.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Term 3 Week 3

We drew a dinosaur habitat. We had to  use our imaginations because dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and people weren't there.  When we finished drawing our habitat we stamped some dinosaurs on it.

We looked at all the books we got from the library.  We had to decide if they were fiction or non fiction.  Fiction books are make believe.  Non fiction books are true.

We have been talking about measurement.  We compared how tall we were by standing side by side. We discovered that Hunter is the tallest person in our class and Essie is the shortest.  We also discovered that you need to make sure you start from the same spot.  When Essie stood on the top step, she looked taller than Hunter.

We used what we learnt about comparing to compare some of the things in our pencil cases.

We explored ways we could measure something without putting it side by side.  We had to find out if the pencil on our desk was taller than the pencil outside.  We found lots of ways to measure.  We drew lines on a piece of paper.  We compared each pencil to our arm. 

This week we became chunking experts.  We have started learning how to break a big word into smaller parts so it is easier to read.  We tested it out by chunking some looooooooooong dinosaur names.  We read, brach i o saur us, mut ta burr a saur us, ten on to saur us, a pat a saur us, dip lod o cus, meg a saur us and anky lo saur us.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Term 3 Week 2

This week all the teachers were away at a conference on Monday and Tuesday so we got an extra long weekend.

This week we started learning how to be a reading coach.  A coach is someone who helps another person to learn how to do something.

When we are reading with someone and they get stuck on a word we should, count to three in our head to give them time to work it out.  Then we should ask them if they would like more time or some coaching.  If they want coaching we can give them a hint or tell them a strategy that might help.

On the 100th day of school we had to put 100 stamps on a piece of paper.  This week we counted our stamps to see how many we did.  Nobody got exactly 100!  Two people got very close to 100.  Hunter had 102 stamps and Elisajane had 97 stamps.  Very close!

We learnt a new maths game.  We had three dice, 2 with numbers and one with adding and subtracting symbols.  We had to add or takeaway the dice and then get that many counters.  It is a great way to practice adding and taking away. 

On Thursday we had a creation day.  We got to make anything we wanted out of anything we had in the classroom.  Here are some of the things we created.  We are becoming photographers in year one because we took all the photos!