Thursday, 27 September 2012

Term 3 Week 10

These are some of our finished 3D dinosaurs.  We traced them, we painted them, we cut them out, we stuffed them, we stapled them and we named them.

This week we had a liturgy to celebrate Mary's birthday.  Instead of having cake we made biscuits with a cross on them.  Yum!

This week we learnt about verbs.  A verb is a doing word. Can you guess what we are doing in these photos?

This term we have become dinosaur experts!  We have been learning about facts and opinions.  We made our own non fiction book full of facts about dinosaurs.  Today we went around to five different classes and taught them all about dinosaurs. It was awesome.  Everyone thought we were very clever!

Today is the last day of term 3!  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday.


  1. Hi Year Ones,
    I have just been looking at your term 3 blog with my grandson Warwick. It looks like you have all had a wonderful term. I think Miss R has done a wonderful job in making your school lessons so interesting. Lori Cook (Warwick's Nanna)

  2. I think Term 3 looks like it's been fantastic too! You guys are so lucky learning both palaeontology (dinosaurs)AND anthropology/archaeology (aboriginal culture)! Both such wonderful subjects - keep up the good work, and the high level of interest in our fabulous world!!! Angie, Evie's mum