Thursday, 23 August 2012

Term 3 Week 5

This week we learnt about what dinosaurs like to eat.  We discovered that there were meat eating dinosaurs called carnivores and plant eating dinosaurs called herbivores.

We looked at lots of pictures of dinosaurs and discovered that most carnivores had sharp teeth, sharp claws and ran on two legs.  The herbivores had bumpy teeth, big tummies and they walked on four legs.

Then we had to draw a picture of a herbivore or a carnivore.  Miss R had to be able to tell what it ate by looking at our picture.

All our herbivore dinosaurs.

Our carnivore dinosaurs.

We are learning our set 2 blue sight words.  We are working out how many letters, sounds and syllables are in each word.

We had a visit from an author called Sam. She had written a story on the back of cards. It took her seven months to write her story. She helped us to make up our own fairytale. 

We measured dinosaur footprints.

We decided to go out to the basketball court and measure how big a real dinosaur would have been.  They were huge!

We used a metre ruler to measure how tall a T-Rex was.
This is how long a T-rex is!  It is longer than all of us standing next to each other.
The brachiosaurus was 26 metres long.  It was nearly as big as the whole basketball court!

We learnt about the difference between numbers.  We hopped along a number line to find out the difference between two numbers.

We are all super excited at the moment because we are going to see the dinosaurs at Scitech!

We have also got our class Mass on this weekend.  We hope everyone can come and join us and join in singing our beautiful hymns.

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  1. I am so excited for the year 1 Mass and the excursion to Scitech on Monday!! from Jessica L.