Thursday, 16 August 2012

Term 3 Week 4

This week we have been learning how to measure with things in the classroom.

We learnt four things we must do if we want to measure properly.
Make sure you start from the same spot.
Make sure you measure in a nice straight line.
Make sure there is no gaps.
Make sure you use the same size object.

We have been learning about fossils.
They are rock. Ashton
The mud goes over them and it turns to rock.  Chloe
The sand goes over and over the skeleton.  Sasha
Sometimes they are jumbled up when they find them.  Bryce
Sometimes the fossils are in the right order.  Mackenzie
If you are digging for one you must be very careful because they are fragile.  Matthew
Sand goes over and over and over it and squashes it down.  Warwick
Some dinosaurs were still alive when some diosaurs died. Hamish

A paleontologist is a person who finds and learns about fossils.

This week we made our own fossils.  We made one by burying a shell in some rock.  We made one by leaving a print in some playdough.  Then we poured some plaster in to make the shape of our print.  We were also working like paleontologists to put together some bones to make a dinosaur.

We read a book called Dinosaur Chase.  It was about some dinosaur bullies.  Some of them could run, some could swim, some could jump, some could hide, some could climb but only Fin could fly!

We also read a book called The Little Dinosaur.  It was a story about a dinosaur who died and millions of years later a paleontologist found her bones and made her look real again.

We also read a book called Dinosaur Roar.  It was a book of dinosaur opposites.

On Wednesday we went to Church to celebrate Mary's Assumption.  We sang lots of beautiful songs about Mary.

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