Thursday, 9 August 2012

Term 3 Week 3

We drew a dinosaur habitat. We had to  use our imaginations because dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and people weren't there.  When we finished drawing our habitat we stamped some dinosaurs on it.

We looked at all the books we got from the library.  We had to decide if they were fiction or non fiction.  Fiction books are make believe.  Non fiction books are true.

We have been talking about measurement.  We compared how tall we were by standing side by side. We discovered that Hunter is the tallest person in our class and Essie is the shortest.  We also discovered that you need to make sure you start from the same spot.  When Essie stood on the top step, she looked taller than Hunter.

We used what we learnt about comparing to compare some of the things in our pencil cases.

We explored ways we could measure something without putting it side by side.  We had to find out if the pencil on our desk was taller than the pencil outside.  We found lots of ways to measure.  We drew lines on a piece of paper.  We compared each pencil to our arm. 

This week we became chunking experts.  We have started learning how to break a big word into smaller parts so it is easier to read.  We tested it out by chunking some looooooooooong dinosaur names.  We read, brach i o saur us, mut ta burr a saur us, ten on to saur us, a pat a saur us, dip lod o cus, meg a saur us and anky lo saur us.

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