Thursday, 24 May 2012

Term 2 Week 5

Landforms, landforms and more landforms!

This week we made a collage of landforms.  We started with mountains......

Then we added hills and plains......
Then we finished it off with oceans and rivers.

After creating our landform collages we got our hands dirty making landforms from playdough. There was mountains, hills, volcanos, rivers and lakes, just to name a few.


On Tuesday Mrs P surprised us with a visit from a shark and a fish.  They looked like they were really swimming through our classroom but they were actually remote controlled balloons.  It was a very exciting morning!

What a great lesson this was.  We exercised our bodies, we exercised our minds and we got to enjoy God's beautiful creation. Three lessons in one!

The aim of this game was to be the first person to collect the right number of cubes for Miss R.  It was lots of fun playing out in the sun.

This week in computer we started learning about Microsoft Word.  Microsoft Word is a typing program where you can write words.  We played around with the font, the size and the font colour.

This week we read a book called 'Where's My Teddy?'.  There was a boy and a bear who got the teddy's mixed up.  They both got a fright when they saw each other.

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  1. Anonymous25 May, 2012

    Microsoft Word!? You guys are so lucky to have so much technology at your finger tips! Computers, Ipads, Smart Boards in the classroom. In the olden days, when I went to school, we didn't have any of that. Our teacher had a blackboard that she used to write on with chalk!! Imagine that! Mrs L