Thursday, 17 May 2012

Term 2 Week 4

This week we talked about landforms.  A landform is a big thing that covers the Earth.  Some landforms are hills, valleys, volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, icebergs and rivers.

We went outside to see some of the landforms around our school.  We saw lots of hills and discovered that our town is in a valley.  We couldn't see the river but we know that there is a river in town. 

This week has been all about our assembly.  We have been practicing and practising and practising!  This is us making the hats for our costumes.


Today was the day!  We presented our assembly to the whole school.  We looked colourful and fantastic!  Everyone loved our story and our song.  Here are some photos of us performing.  We are superstars!

Miss R set up the video to record our wonderful performance but unfortunatly the memory card filled up just before the end!  Luckily we had recorded our practice the day before. Miss R has put the two videos together so you can see the whole assembly but the last part is very quiet because we didn't have the microphones when we were practicing.

Enjoy the show.


  1. Anonymous18 May, 2012

    You guys were AWESOME at the assembly this morning!! It was fantastic to watch you all and see all of the work you have done making your costumes and rehearsing. You should all be very proud of yourselves! WELL DONE!
    Mrs. L

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2012

    It was such a delight watching all of you!Very CUTE and entertaining performance!Well Done,Year 1s!
    Mrs V.

  3. Anonymous20 May, 2012

    I would like to add my congratulations to Miss R and her helpers on their classroom presentation at assembley. Such a lot of work and it all looked such fun. I am enjoying the blog site so much. Being a Grandmother and living in Perth I cannot always get to see what my granddaughters are doing so being able to log into Miss R's Wonderful Ones and see what is happening is wonderful.
    Grandma Southwell