Thursday, 15 November 2012

Term 4 Week 5

This week we started swimming lessons.  We have some really nice teachers.  We are having lots of fun.  Some of us think the water is a little bit chilly!

We have been learning about how other people came to live in Australia.  We discovered that there were lots of poor people in England who had to steal to survive and lots of them ended up in jail.  The jails got too full so they decided to send some of the convicts to Australia.  It was Captain Cook who decided that Australia might be a good place to live.  The first group of boats that came to Australia were called The First Fleet.

This week in maths we learnt about measuring weight.  We can use hefting to compare if something is heavier or lighter.

Next week we will be presenting an assembly item.  Our assembly item is called A History of Australia.  We have only been practising for one week and we are already getting good.  We hope you can all come and watch us.


  1. You all look like you are doing really well with your swimming lessons. Luckily it's been a bit warmer this week so you are not quite so chilly when you get in. We are really looking forward to seeing your assembly item this Friday!! Should be lots of fun. (PS- I have checked and re-checked my spelling this week and don't thnk I have made any errors in this post!!)- I hope I am right. :)

  2. Only one more sleep!!! Can't wait till your assembly item tomorrow. You guys are going to be awesome! :)

  3. Well done guys!! Your assembly item was fantastic!! I loved every bit! Mrs. L