Sunday, 4 November 2012

Term 4 Week 3

This week we got to play some cricket games.  We had lots of fun playing games with Brock.  When it was finished we all got some Milo.

Our Excursion

On Friday 2nd November our class went to the Perth Hills Centre.

We learnt that the aboriginal people sometimes wore kangaroo skins.  You could put the furry side against you in winter to keep warm and the smooth side against you in summer.

We made jewellery from gum nuts.  We painted them with lots of different colours.

We had our faces painted.  We were kangaroos, owls, emus, wombats, goannas and plants.

We played a sleeping game.  Some people were the children running around the trees and some people were the kangaroos.  The kangaroos crept in to see if the children were awake.  If the children were all asleep then they hopped away.

We went hunting.  We hunted for lots of different animals.  We found snakes, frogs, echidnas and kangaroos.....yum!

Zac showed us how you can use trees to help you.  He is using some of the gooey stuff from the marri tree to make a bandaid on his arm.

The boys had to sit down and wait while the girls went gathering.  We found some eggs and some potatoes.

Then the girls had to wait while the boys went hunting for kangaroo.

At the end of the day we got to sit around the campfire in our mia mia.

We had a fabulous excursion and learnt lots of interesting things.


  1. Hi Miss R - I posted a comment at the bottom of the Term 3 page, which relates to your aboriginal excursion! Sorry about that,maybe you can go back to it and read it to the class! Keep up the good work! Angie, Evie's Mum

  2. Looks Like you guys had a great time on your excursion and sounds like you have learnt so many interesting things from Zac. What a great experience!
    Mrs L

  3. Maybe we could use some of those hunting and gathering skills you have learnt from Zac in the mornings before school to find our socks, shoes, reading book... :) Love Mrs L

  4. Wow looks like you all had an incredible time with Zac, he sounds very knowledgeable. And that is an amazing looking Mia Mia, first time I have heard of a Mia Mia actually! Can't beleive you found all those animals in the bush. I have doves in my garden, and the occasional stray cat that passes through, but nothing as exciting as snakes, frogs and kangaroos!
    X evie's aunty