Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Term 2 Week 9

This week we were lucky enough to get some iPads in the classroom.  We used them to draw and explain the water cycle.  Thank you very much to Mrs P, Mrs S, Miss H and Miss D who lent us their iPads.

Check out some of our great Educreations shows.
We are going to be learning about weather so we made lots of weather symbols to hang in our classroom.  We have suns, clouds, rain, snow, lightning and rainbows.

We played a game with long and short vowels.  We had to read the word and then decide if we had a  short vowel word or a long vowel word.  It was lots of fun.

The Constitution Centre came back to visit us again.  This time we learnt about prejudice.  Prejudice is when you decide that you don't like someone just because they are different to you.

We have been learning about 3D shapes.  We made some out of playdough. Don't they look awesome?

We played bingo with our purple sight words.  We had to write six words on the whiteboard and when we crossed them all out we called out bingo!

Today is a bit of a sad day.  Brody is leaving our class to go to a new school.  We are sad he is leaving but hope that he has an amazing time at his new school and makes lots of new friends.  Make sure you come and visit our blog Brody!

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  1. Anonymous22 June, 2012

    Yeah, Matty was really sad, his best freind leaving.